5 Great Reasons to Pamper Your Pet with a Vacation

Your pet is more than just a furry friend; they’re a vital member of your family. The American Pet Products Association reports that almost 85 million homes in the U.S. have a pet. It’s not unusual for you to want your pet to enjoy life to the fullest, even if you’re on vacation. While you’re enjoying your time away, your pets deserve a little vacation, too. Here are some great reasons to pamper your pets with pet day care while you’re enjoying your vacation.

A Great Chance to Socialize

While you’re making memories on your vacation, your beloved pet can make new friends in pet day care. Local pet boarding is a great way for your dog or cat to get a chance to interact with other pets in a safe environment.

Supervised Playtime

Maybe you’re worried that boarding your pet for the holidays or for a weekend means that they’ll be all alone. The best thing about pet day care is that there are experienced workers who keep watch over your dog or cat at all times. You can relax knowing that whether they’re playing, eating, or sleeping, your pet has someone watching out for them.

You Both Get to Relax

Dog and cat boarding services often go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your pet is as pampered as they would be if you both were at home. While you’re enjoying the sun on the beach, your pet can relax in a comfortable bed with all the love and care they deserve. Many pet boarding services strive to make their facilities as comfortable as possible for your pet so that they are returned to you happy, healthy, and eager to see you again.

A Chance to Explore Something New

Some pets don’t get a lot of opportunities for socialization outside the home so pet day care works great as a way to explore new surroundings! There’s nothing like new sights, sounds, and smells to engage your dog or cat and enrich their brains. Dogs have a sense of smell that is about 10,000 times stronger than humans’. All the new smells in a new place are the doggy equivalent of exploring a new city you’ve never seen before — positively thrilling!

An Outlet for Excess Energy

You and your pet do everything together, but some vacation spots are not ideal for furry friends. Rather than keeping them inside all day while you go on your adventures, you can give them an adventure of their own and a chance to burn off some extra energy. By the end of the trip, you’ll both be happily exhausted and ready to get back to the comfort of home.

Pet day care is an ideal option for pet owners who love their pets and want them to have the very best. Whether you’re staying at your vacation home for a few days or a few weeks, consider investing in pet care for your dog or cat so that they can enjoy their vacation, too. To learn more about our boarding and pet daycare services while you’re on vacation, call or message us today!

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