4 Dog Boarding Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Dog boarding services

The 2020 National Pet Owners Survey estimated that 63.4 million households in the United States owned a dog. With more than 70% of apartment renters owning pets, it’s often difficult for families that wish to go on holiday or individuals going on business trips to ensure that their pooch remains cared for during that period.

Dog boarding services are an ideal solution when you have to leave home but cannot take your companion with you. Boarding your pet for the holidays can give you the peace of mind that your doggy is comfortable and safe throughout your stay.

In between the rush for choosing the right dog boarding service and preparing for your trip, you may overlook major red flags from the different dog kennels. Here are four common mistakes that you need to avoid to ensure your pup has a positive boarding experience.

1. Failing to Research the Dog Boarding Services

In a rush, you may fail to adequately conduct your due diligence on the different dog boarding providers. Not all pet boarding facilities are equal. You need to research the kennels ahead of time. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and follow up on the referrals provided. Check online reviews about the specific pet care center, and inspect the facility while listening carefully to your gut feeling. The closest or most affordable facility may not always be the best option for your pooch.

2. Getting the Packing All Wrong

It is normal to get anxious about how your dog will spend their time while you are away. However, ‘overpacking’ or ‘underpacking’ your doggy’s essentials can be problematic. You do not have to bring in a 40-pound bag of food to the pet daycare. Additionally, you do not want to pack for too few days of your puppy’s prescription medicine. Take time to be as prepared as possible, packing enough special dietary requirements, medications, and toys.

3. Not Planning Ahead

With too much to handle, most pet owners often wait until the last minute before making their dog boarding reservations, which can cause your pup to miss a slot at your favorite boarding facility. Most reputable dog boarding services typically have a cap on the number of dogs they admit at any given time. This means their kennels may fill up quickly, especially during holidays and summer months when most families travel. To avoid any disappointments, make your dog boarding reservation early enough.

4. Falling Behind on Your Vaccinations

It is standard practice for dog boarding services to request an up-to-date vaccination certificate for your pooch before admission. As a pet owner, you may lose track of time and fall behind on your puppy’s shots. Most facilities require that the vaccines be administered at least two weeks before for them to count. Different facilities have varying policies on wait times after booster shots. Be sure to find out about these policies before calling your vet to arrange for the vaccinations.

Dog boarding services are an excellent way to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you are away. Looking for holiday dog boarding in Lewes Beach, DE? Eastern Shore Pet Resort is happy to show you and your pooch our luxurious facilities, and why we are the best in Sussex County. Drop by with your furry friend and we will gladly give you a tour.

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