How to Take Care of Your Dog When You’re on Summer Vacation

When you want to go on vacation, you may be concerned about what to do with your four-legged best friend. Since not all vacation destinations allow you to bring pets, you need to find a solution that will allow your dog to be well cared for so that you won’t have to worry. Thankfully, local pet boarding is an option that both you and your dog can feel good about.

Why Choose Pet Boarding?

Although some people think local pet boarding facilities aren’t as good as having an at-home sitter, the truth is very different. In fact, some even function as resorts focused on giving your dog the best experience possible.

Many pet boarding facilities are specially designed to be a home away from home for your pets. It’s like their own version of a vacation! Here you can trust that they will have a comfortable place to sleep, lots of space to run around and play, and their favorite food to eat.

Because of amenities like this, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, knowing that your dog is having a good time of their own.

How to Prep Your Dog for Boarding

Before taking your dog to your local pet boarding location, make sure that they have all of their shots and are up-to-date with their flea and tick treatments. Many of these locations require this to ensure that all pets are healthy when they come in.

Be sure to contact your boarding location a few weeks before your trip to ensure that you know what needs to be done. This should give you ample time to update any shots or treatments before you bring your dog in.

Secondly, make sure that you bring along your dog’s favorite foods, any medications, health documents, and an emergency contact list. You may also want to bring some of their favorite toys and you could even give them an unwashed shirt of yours to sleep with so that they feel more comfortable being near your scent.

Enjoy Your Vacation While Your Dog Enjoys Theirs

We all need time away sometimes, and this is true even for dogs! If you want to plan a trip this summer but are unsure about what to do with your four-legged friend, consider local boarding. Local boarding can give you both the opportunity to relax and make the most out of your respective vacations. (You’re sure to get lots of kisses afterward.)

10 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Dog Daycare

Dogs love company. If left unaccompanied for long periods without exercise, dogs can get stressed. Unfortunately, you cannot always keep your dog company. If you have an erratic schedule or you travel out of town often, you may not be able to tag along with your dog everywhere you go. Fortunately, there is a solution –- doggy daycare. At a reputable dog daycare, your pup will be well taken care of. But before you enroll your dog in a doggy daycare, you may have some concerns. Read on to learn important questions you should ask before enrolling your dog in a dog daycare.

1. What Kind of Training Does Your Staff Have?

First, you should inquire about the staff’s experience handling dogs. Familiarity with basic care and safety protocols should be a prerequisite for all members of staff. Ideally, you will also want to enroll your dog in a doggy daycare where the staff members are knowledgeable on animal behavior, dog body language, and canine CPR.

2. What Is the Vaccination Protocol?

Dogs should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of diseases. Ideally, dogs should be vaccinated against parvovirus, rabies, distemper, canine hepatitis, and Bordetella. Inquire about the vaccination requirements to guarantee your dog’s safety.

3. What Is the Program Like?

Dogs do not like to be left unattended. They thrive on activity. At a good dog daycare, your pup will be kept occupied with lots of fun activities. Ask about the day-to-day routine at your local dog boarding before enrolling your dog.

4. How Do You Respond to Emergencies?

While nobody likes emergencies, they are inevitable. A good pet daycare should be prepared for emergencies when they strike. For instance, in the event your dog gets injured, staff members should be able to administer first aid.

5. What’s the Dog-to-Staff Ratio?

Taking care of several dogs is not easy. Staff should not get overwhelmed taking care of multiple dogs. Ideally, look out for a doggy daycare with a dog-to-staff ratio of 15:1 or better.

6. Can I Monitor My Dog?

While a well-staffed pet daycare may guarantee your pup is well taken care of, you may still want to monitor your pet. Ask if you will have access to a webcam that will allow you to check in on your pet any time.

7. How Are the Dogs Grouped?

Not all dogs get along with each other. To ensure the safety of your dog, professionals usually group dogs based on factors such as size, age, and even temperament. For example, big dogs are generally separated from small pups.

8. How Do You Deal With Indiscipline?

Sometimes dogs misbehave, and they need to be kept in line. The doggy daycare should not use stern measures to discipline your dog. Ideally, look out for a daycare where the staff uses positive reinforcement to instill discipline.

9. How Do You Prevent Escapes?

Losing your pet and having to put up missing posters to trace it can be heartbreaking. To prevent this, lookout for a local dog boarding with a high perimeter fence and a double gate system that prevents escapes.

10. Do You Have Any References?

Testimonials from past and current clients are a great way to assess the quality of the doggy daycare. A reputable dog boarding service will be more than glad to share testimonials of satisfied clients with you.

Ensure Your Pup Gets Quality Care

In the U.S., about 70% of apartment renters own pets. Hard-pressed for time, some of these pet owners leave their pets indoors unattended, depriving them of quality care. Do not deprive your pup of quality care and make it stressed. Keep your pup happy and energetic by bringing it down to Eastern Shore Pet Resort. We are a luxury pet resort that offers unparalleled pet care. Get in touch with us to book your reservation today.

What to Pack When Taking Your Dog to Doggy Daycare

Everyone loves to take a vacation. One of the most distressing aspects of traveling is packing the things you need. That is the same for your pooch when planning for a holiday, and you need to take it to a dog boarding. But with a little planning, you can make the process easier and less stressful. Here are some of the items to pack for dog boarding.

1. Include Your Dog’s Medication and Supplements

All pet owners want their furry friends to be healthy and happy. Your dog may require supplements and medication for joint health or to boost its immunity. A professionally-run dog boarding service is always willing to administer the prescription for you.

Make a point of leaving written instructions that explain the dosage for your pup’s supplements or medication. Ensure that the quantity is enough to outlast your pet’s stay at doggy daycare.

2. Your Dog’s Medical and Vaccine Records

Most dog boarding facilities have policies that require pet owners to provide vaccination records. Your pet must be free from contagious diseases one month before boarding. So you should include vaccine and medical records that you will present to doggy daycare.

Keep in mind that a specialist may assess your dog to ascertain it is free from diseases. To avoid disappointments, you may want to contact your veterinarian to give you a clean bill of health. You can present the records to the staff at the dog boarding center.

3. You Can Carry Meals from Home

Your pup also needs to feed regularly to be happy. It is essential to maintain the same feeding habits your dog is accustomed to when taking it to dog daycare. Maintaining your regular feeding routine will keep it from feeling lonely and prevent stomach problems.

Before dog boarding, ensure you mark each package, indicating the quantity and feeding schedule. Label the containers to discern treats from regular meals. Avoid using staples for labels, as they can find their way into your pet’s food.

4. Your Pup’s Favorite Toys

Even though the dog boarding service will have toys, your pet will most likely enjoy the toys it plays with daily. When away from home, the heart can grow fonder. That’s why packing their favorite items can serve as a remainder, which averts loneliness.

Be sure to pack one or two of the items your pup loves. You may also include a personal item, such as a blanket or a shirt with your scent. It can serve as a reminder of home when dealing with loneliness.

5. Dog Collar and an Extra Leash

You will also need to carry a collar and an extra leash. It is unlikely that the collar will get lost when dog boarding. But it is always wise to have a spare in case of emergencies. You may also want to include a flat buck collar to prevent choking hazards.

Dog Boarding with the Best

It is advisable to take time to plan what you’ll pack for your furry friend before booking for dog daycare. Your pup doesn’t have to feel lonely or sad. Boarding service is usually the best option when taking a vacation. If you are looking for dog boarding services in Delaware Beaches, contact Eastern Shore Pet Resort. We are a luxury pet resort and doggie daycare and offer unmatched, quality service for you and your pet every day of the year.

Why Your Dog’s Emotional and Physical Health Matters

It’s scientifically proven: dogs boost our mental health. Spending quality time with your pup lowers blood pressure, eases muscle tension, and helps regulate our breathing. Return the favor by looking after your dog’s emotional and physical health. Learn why it matters and what you can do to keep your dog emotionally and physically healthy.

Why It Matters

Dogs’ lives are short but precious. Like us, physical and mental health can have a direct impact on dogs’ longevity. Take good care of them, and they will likely be at your side that much longer.

Over 85 million U.S. households own a dog, cat, or other pet, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reveals. Many of those dog-owning households view their furry friend as part of the family. Treat them accordingly. You wouldn’t leave for an adults-only vacation without finding quality, reliable child care. You should approach finding a dog boarding service the same way. They’re part of the family, after all!

Looking After Your Dog’s Emotional Health

Dogs experience joy, anger, fear, jealousy, and love. While it can be difficult to conceptualize exactly how dogs feel emotions, it may help to learn that dogs have the same emotional capacity as a human three-year-old, according to Psychology Today.

Look after your dog’s emotional health by targeting these basic emotions. Freely express your love and companionship for your dog. Help ease dogs’ fears by giving them security blankets, favorite toys, or treats to mitigate stress during difficult situations or transitions. Whenever possible, keep dogs out of high-stress scenarios. For example, avoid the park and other areas where they may potentially set off fireworks around the Fourth of July.

Investing in Your Dog’s Future with Preventative Care

In addition to looking after your dog’s emotional health, take action to keep them physically healthy, too. Like humans, dogs can tremendously benefit from preventative care. Take your dog for regular wellness checkups. Talk to a trusted veterinarian about their vaccinations, flea prevention, and any other concerns that you may have.

Help dogs get plenty of exercise by walking them regularly — remember, many dogs can swim and jog, too, if you’re so inclined — and give dogs safe bones and chew toys to help clean their teeth and maintain their dental health.

Does your dog’s companionship mean the world to you? Show your dog some love in return by doing whatever you can to ensure their physical and emotional well-being.

If your dog needs some companionship and care while you’re away on a trip or away at work, consider the Eastern Shore Pet Resort. We offer quality dog boarding services you can rely on to take great care of your furry friend. For more information about our dog boarding services, contact Eastern Shore Pet Resort today.

4 Dog Boarding Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

The 2020 National Pet Owners Survey estimated that 63.4 million households in the United States owned a dog. With more than 70% of apartment renters owning pets, it’s often difficult for families that wish to go on holiday or individuals going on business trips to ensure that their pooch remains cared for during that period.

Dog boarding services are an ideal solution when you have to leave home but cannot take your companion with you. Boarding your pet for the holidays can give you the peace of mind that your doggy is comfortable and safe throughout your stay.

In between the rush for choosing the right dog boarding service and preparing for your trip, you may overlook major red flags from the different dog kennels. Here are four common mistakes that you need to avoid to ensure your pup has a positive boarding experience.

1. Failing to Research the Dog Boarding Services

In a rush, you may fail to adequately conduct your due diligence on the different dog boarding providers. Not all pet boarding facilities are equal. You need to research the kennels ahead of time. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and follow up on the referrals provided. Check online reviews about the specific pet care center, and inspect the facility while listening carefully to your gut feeling. The closest or most affordable facility may not always be the best option for your pooch.

2. Getting the Packing All Wrong

It is normal to get anxious about how your dog will spend their time while you are away. However, ‘overpacking’ or ‘underpacking’ your doggy’s essentials can be problematic. You do not have to bring in a 40-pound bag of food to the pet daycare. Additionally, you do not want to pack for too few days of your puppy’s prescription medicine. Take time to be as prepared as possible, packing enough special dietary requirements, medications, and toys.

3. Not Planning Ahead

With too much to handle, most pet owners often wait until the last minute before making their dog boarding reservations, which can cause your pup to miss a slot at your favorite boarding facility. Most reputable dog boarding services typically have a cap on the number of dogs they admit at any given time. This means their kennels may fill up quickly, especially during holidays and summer months when most families travel. To avoid any disappointments, make your dog boarding reservation early enough.

4. Falling Behind on Your Vaccinations

It is standard practice for dog boarding services to request an up-to-date vaccination certificate for your pooch before admission. As a pet owner, you may lose track of time and fall behind on your puppy’s shots. Most facilities require that the vaccines be administered at least two weeks before for them to count. Different facilities have varying policies on wait times after booster shots. Be sure to find out about these policies before calling your vet to arrange for the vaccinations.

Dog boarding services are an excellent way to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you are away. Looking for holiday dog boarding in Lewes Beach, DE? Eastern Shore Pet Resort is happy to show you and your pooch our luxurious facilities, and why we are the best in Sussex County. Drop by with your furry friend and we will gladly give you a tour.

6 Reasons to Take Your Pooch to Dog Daycare

According to the 2020 National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association, approximately 38% of all US households own a dog. While some dogs may be content sleeping all day, many wish to do something extra. The loneliness may result in disobedience, excessive barking, or destructive play. That’s where dog daycare comes in. Whether dropping off your pet every day or once or twice a week, there are plenty of reasons why the daycare facility is perfect for your pup. Here are the top six reasons.

1. Improve Social Skills

Social exposure is crucial for the overall development of any dog. As a social animal, your pup will learn how to interact and play with other dogs while at the dog daycare. Antisocial dogs may present anxiety, aggression, and stress while in the company of others. The local pet care can help them learn how to introduce themselves and make new friends.

2. Complement Your Exercise Routines

Your dog may be bursting with energy every time you walk through your door. The dog daycare can create a positive outlet for this energy through exercise. Most pet care services include fun activities for the pups including ball fetching, tunnel running, wrestling. The exercises can keep your dog active and healthy.

3. No Worries About Bathroom Breaks

Your work schedule may sometimes push you to work late. Occasionally, you may not be in a position to rush home and take your pup out for a bathroom break. Taking your puppy to the dog daycare can take away all this stress.

4. Break the Boredom

Your dog will feel lonely every time you leave them at the house all by themselves. The isolation and loneliness may result in stress and destructive behavior. Putting your pup in a dog daycare can create a change of scenery, which can keep your dog stimulated. Give him or her a perfect ‘vacation break’ with a holiday boarding service.

5. Proper Diet

Just like exercise, a healthy diet is a critical aspect of your pet’s overall wellness. You may need to ensure that your pet sticks to a meal plan customized to your needs. Dropping them at the pet daycare ensures that your dog eats the correct portion. You can leave the feeding instructions with the staff at the store.

6. Peace of Mind

Taking your pup to doggy daycare can calm you down, knowing that they are well-cared for while you’re away. Do you dread coming home to find that your dog chewed away all your shoes and a part of your cushions? You do not have to worry about cleaning up the mess later on when you send your pup to the daycare service.

If you have added a puppy to your family recently, you may need to figure out how they’ll be spending their days whenever you are not around for long periods. Dog daycare provides an excellent opportunity for them to socialize, exercise, feed well, and make new friends. If you are searching for a pet daycare service in Lewes Beach, DE, reach out to Eastern Shore Pet Resort to book your reservation.

4 Pet Care Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

To keep your dog healthy, you need to address their emotional and physical needs consistently. Your pup will need grooming, nutrition, food, shelter, and water. You also have to take into account your dog’s health. In this article, we explore some of the top pet care tips for your dog to help keep them happy and healthy.

High-Quality Nutrition

Your dog should have high-quality nutrition, whether at home or in pet daycare. You should avoid commercial foods that use meat by-products or fillers. Such additives will cut down the diet’s nutritional value. The food should contain the basic elements of nutrients that a dog needs. That includes carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and water. If you’re taking your pup for pet daycare, you should inform the boarding service of any special diet requirements.

Quality Grooming for Your Dog

Keeping your pup’s coat clean is one of the essential elements of their physical and mental well-being. Depending on their type of coat, their fur will have to be trimmed from time to time for good hygiene. Long coats can irritate your dog, and if their coat is around their face and eyes it can block their line of vision.

You should also ensure you trim their nails to keep them from growing long and uncomfortable. Be careful not to cut the inner part, as this can be painful for your pooch. If you don’t have the time, you can find a local pet care service to assist you with their grooming.

Provide Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for your pup’s physical and psychological health. Without it, your dog may show signs of restlessness like barking, digging, or chewing. It is especially important for 70% of apartment renters’ who own pets to constantly walk their dogs as they may not have a yard where the dog can run around. Different dogs have varying exercise requirements so be sure to talk to your vet about your dog’s exercise needs.

When you take your pup to a pet daycare, ensure they have adequate provision for exercise for the breed. Local dog boarding services can offer playtime and daily walks to keep your pet healthy. It can be a convenient solution when you don’t have time to care for your furry friend.

Visit a Veterinarian

A veterinarian can advise you on different aspects of taking care of your pup. Your pet may need vaccinations, and a professional is in the best position to educate you on what’s required to keep your dog healthy. A veterinarian will evaluate your dog’s health and may provide vaccinations, treatments, and check-ups. They can also give you advice on grooming as well as pet daycare.

Your dog needs routine attention every day in the form of exercise and socialization. However, it can be tricky to give your dog the regular exercise and socialization they need to be happy and healthy. After all, you need to work. Fortunately, pet daycares can provide your dog with the regular exercise they need. To learn more about our pet daycare services, contact Eastern Shore Pet Resort today.

3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Dog Boarding Service

The American Pet Association states that there are around 85 million households with pets. With so many people that have a pet, the need for a dog boarding reservation, especially around the holidays, can be high. With so many options to choose from, though, it may be hard to know what to look for when trying to find a dog boarding service that works for you. Whether you are boarding pets while shopping or boarding your pet for the holidays, keep reading to find out some of the top three things to look for when making a dog boarding reservation.

1. Veterinarian on call

One important feature that you want to make sure your local dog boarding service has before you make a dog boarding reservation is a veterinarian on call. While this is especially important for anyone who has a pet with special conditions or who may need further assistance. It is good for every responsible pet boarding service to have an on-call veterinarian or veterinarian on staff who can help in the event of an emergency or unforeseeable situation. Even if you think it will be highly unlikely that your dog will need to see a vet while boarded, it can help ease your mind to know that they are safe.

2. Good enclosures

A feature that is essential to ensuring your dog boarding reservation goes well is comfortable, clean, and safe enclosures. A pet boarding service with good enclosures can ensure that your dog is less anxious and more comfortable when staying with strangers. Always check to see what potential pet boarding services use for enclosures, and whether or not they seem fit for your dog. They should be durable, spacious, and clean.

3. Web cameras

Another feature that is often overlooked when looking for pet boarding services is the availability of webcams. Although not always necessary, being able to check up on your pets through webcams can ease any anxiety you may have when separated from your dog. This may be especially useful when you are away from your pets for a longer period of time, or when you have concerns about how your pet will do in a boarding facility. When booking a dog boarding reservation, consider if having web cameras is a requirement for you and if so try to find a boarding service with webcams.

Pets are very important to many people and can be seen as an extension of the family in many cases. Whether you need boarding because of the holidays, a vacation, or another event in your life, always make sure to do proper research and take all of your needs into consideration when choosing a pet boarding service.

3 Tips On Finding a Dog Boarding Service

While you love relaxing at home with your dog, you may not be able to take your dog with you everywhere. If you’re traveling a long way from home, it may be better to leave your dog behind versus dragging them to an unfamiliar setting for a short period of time. That’s when you need to start considering local dog boarding services. With about 38% of all American households currently owning dogs, it’s clear that there is a huge demand for pet boarding services. But that doesn’t mean that every boarding service is going to be right for you and your dog.

Every dog is going to want a bit of something different out of a boarding experience, and the same goes for you as the owner, of course. The main issue for most owners is trust. It takes a lot for you to know that you can trust someone with your dog, which is why you should begin scouting a local dog boarding service well ahead of your actual vacation. Let’s look into what you should do when searching for a boarding service for your dog.

1. Try It Out In Advance

There are a lot of reasons why you should give a dog boarding service a bit of a trial run before you actually go on vacation. If you leave your dog with a boarding service for the day, you need to know that your dog enjoys that particular boarding space, and is comfortable with both the space itself and the people who work there. If you try a boarding service for a day, within a short distance of your dog, you and the dog will feel a lot better when it’s time for a longer stay.

This is why local dog boarding services that also offer pet daycare are so beneficial. You can drop your dog off before you go to work, allowing them to basically enjoy a day to themselves. If anything goes wrong, you can pick your dog up immediately. But ideally, nothing will go wrong and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your dog had a positive experience, and therefore will be less likely to get stressed out when you leave them for a longer period of time.

2. Understand Their Emergency Procedures

The goal is that nothing bad will happen and your dog will have a great time. But you never know what will happen to your dog; they could have a health emergency that has nothing to do with the boarding service. You need to not only make sure that your boarding service is aware of what vet you use but also understand their emergency procedures.

The fact is that a lot of boarding services have working relationships with their own vets, and they should at the very least understand how to most easily to get to an emergency vet nearby. Boarding services should have staff on hand that can perform first aid for dogs. The more that you know about what they do in case of an emergency, the easier it will be for you to relax.

3. Understand Their Standards

A local dog boarding service shouldn’t be the type of business that takes on every type of client. They need to have standards that must be met before they board a dog. That’s because every dog they board could, directly or indirectly, interact with your dog. You need to go to a boarder that requires flea and tick prevention, as well as basic vaccinations against diseases like rabies and distemper. Furthermore, you need to make sure that they won’t let your dog interact with aggressive dogs, or any dogs unsupervised.

Choosing a dog boarding service is obviously intimidating, and it’s easy to let anxiety get the best of you. But there is a great service for your dog out there. You just need to be careful when searching for one.

Traveling for the Holidays? Give Your Dog a Holiday, Too

Dog boarding reservations are starting to fill up fast for holiday boarding. Dog parents are taking full advantage of giving their pups the best experience when they have to be apart.

Pet owners agree that holiday travel for leisure or to visit family is one of their favorite activities, but they also report that they worry so much about their pups that it puts a damper on things. Boarding your dog for the holidays while you travel can get rid of the guilt and let you both fully enjoy the holidays apart.

Your Dog Deserves the Best in Life

The worry you feel for your dog when you’re away can keep you from enjoying your vacation or holiday getaway. The last thing you want to think about is your fur-baby being anxious at home waiting for you to come back. Making dog boarding reservations early on during your planning phase will ensure that while you are away your pet is fully pampered and cared for while you’re away.

Of course, your pampered pooch deserves only the best, and not any old boarding situation will do. You want to be sure your pet receives only the best accommodations available such as:

  • A luxurious doggy suite in a beautiful facility
  • A comfy raised bed with a plush blanket and pillow
  • In-suite television
  • Multiple walks each day
  • Playtime
  • A private webcam so you can you’re your pup while you are apart

Boarding time for your pooch can mean vacation time for them while you’re enjoying your own vacation time. The right facility will offer a range of services like “room service with mid-afternoon treats,” “cuddle time,” “holiday meal,” and more that you can add on to your boarding package.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that while you are away from your pup that they are getting all the love that they need to feel safe and comfortable. Guilt-free holiday travel is possible with the right pet resort.

Make your dog boarding reservations early with the pet resort that puts your pups pleasure first. Slots fill up fast, make your dog boarding reservations early and travel guilt-free this holiday season.

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