Important Questions to Ask Your Cat Boarding Service

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So you’ve booked your trip or you’re all packed for that conference. However, you’ll also need to ensure that your cat is well taken care of. Leaving your cat with a boarding service, whether it’s your first time or your twentieth, can be worrisome. You may wonder about how you’ll know whether your cat is safe, happy, and not too lonely while you’re gone. Those feelings are completely normal, but it’s also good practice to ask your cat boarding service these important questions so that you can relax on your trip.

What Are the Requirements to Book?

This is the first question you ask and is also one of the most important. You will need to know how far in advance you need to book your cat’s stay. Additionally, ask whether or not they require proof of vaccinations, and if so, which ones are required. You’ll need to know whether or not you need to bring your pet’s food. Knowing these things in advance can help you be prepared for your cat’s stay.

How Will My Cat Be Housed?

Knowing how big your cat’s space will be, how close he or she will be to other cats and animals, and how often their areas are cleaned is very important to know. The boarding service you choose should have enough space for your cat to relax and explore, shouldn’t be too close to other kinds of animals (like those rascally dogs), and should be cleaned at least once daily. Finding out exactly how your cat will be housed will go a long way in making you feel better about the cat boarding service you choose.

What Kind of People Are Staffed?

You’ll want to inquire as to how often they interact with the pets they board and be sure to specify whether or not your cat needs a lot of human attention, or would rather be off exploring on their own. A well-run cat boarding service will employ people who are passionate about delivering quality animal care, so you can feel good about leaving your pet with them.

Just In Case

Finally, you’ll want to ask what your cat boarding service does in the case of an emergency. Are they comfortable with calling a vet, just in case? If so, do they also make sure to contact you if something were to happen? Ask your boarding service what they need from you just in case something happens, and you aren’t available. Knowing that your cat is safe in an emergency will help you sleep more soundly while you’re away.

Asking these critical questions will help you be prepared for your trip and better ensure you choose a quality cat boarding service for your furry family member.

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