6 Reasons to Take Your Pooch to Dog Daycare

According to the 2020 National Pet Owners Survey by the American Pet Products Association, approximately 38% of all US households own a dog. While some dogs may be content sleeping all day, many wish to do something extra. The loneliness may result in disobedience, excessive barking, or destructive play. That’s where dog daycare comes in. Whether dropping off your pet every day or once or twice a week, there are plenty of reasons why the daycare facility is perfect for your pup. Here are the top six reasons.

1. Improve Social Skills

Social exposure is crucial for the overall development of any dog. As a social animal, your pup will learn how to interact and play with other dogs while at the dog daycare. Antisocial dogs may present anxiety, aggression, and stress while in the company of others. The local pet care can help them learn how to introduce themselves and make new friends.

2. Complement Your Exercise Routines

Your dog may be bursting with energy every time you walk through your door. The dog daycare can create a positive outlet for this energy through exercise. Most pet care services include fun activities for the pups including ball fetching, tunnel running, wrestling. The exercises can keep your dog active and healthy.

3. No Worries About Bathroom Breaks

Your work schedule may sometimes push you to work late. Occasionally, you may not be in a position to rush home and take your pup out for a bathroom break. Taking your puppy to the dog daycare can take away all this stress.

4. Break the Boredom

Your dog will feel lonely every time you leave them at the house all by themselves. The isolation and loneliness may result in stress and destructive behavior. Putting your pup in a dog daycare can create a change of scenery, which can keep your dog stimulated. Give him or her a perfect ‘vacation break’ with a holiday boarding service.

5. Proper Diet

Just like exercise, a healthy diet is a critical aspect of your pet’s overall wellness. You may need to ensure that your pet sticks to a meal plan customized to your needs. Dropping them at the pet daycare ensures that your dog eats the correct portion. You can leave the feeding instructions with the staff at the store.

6. Peace of Mind

Taking your pup to doggy daycare can calm you down, knowing that they are well-cared for while you’re away. Do you dread coming home to find that your dog chewed away all your shoes and a part of your cushions? You do not have to worry about cleaning up the mess later on when you send your pup to the daycare service.

If you have added a puppy to your family recently, you may need to figure out how they’ll be spending their days whenever you are not around for long periods. Dog daycare provides an excellent opportunity for them to socialize, exercise, feed well, and make new friends. If you are searching for a pet daycare service in Lewes Beach, DE, reach out to Eastern Shore Pet Resort to book your reservation.

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