Dog Boarding Tips Every Owner Should Know

Dog boarding is a great way to have someone watch over your dog when you can’t. But there are some things every owner should know before they leave their pet behind. Read on for some helpful insights and tips.

1. Pick the Right Boarding Facility

If you want to make sure your dog is well taken care of, ask the kennel staff every question under the sun (within reason, of course). You can do this before dropping it off or during drop-off, either way will work. Find out if they are trained in first aid for dogs and what kind of professional experience they have.

2. Find a Place That Takes Dogs of All Sizes, Shapes, and Personalities

Dogs need space to run around and explore safely to stay healthy and happy while away from home. If the kennel only has room for small dogs, your big guy may be miserable. The same goes for dogs that typically get along with other pets: if they need to be isolated, the experience won’t be good. Look for a kennel that can accommodate all kinds of dogs, and make sure they know your pet’s personality ahead of time.

3. Find Out If the Staff Is Willing to Go Above and Beyond for Your Dog

If your dog needs medication, food, or other special care, make sure they will help before you drop him off. If they get separation anxiety, ask them what they can do to accommodate their needs, so they don’t go crazy while there. If your dog gets along with other dogs, ask if they can keep them in a playgroup instead of an isolation pen. Ask what kind of activities and services they provide. It is important that your dog gets plenty of exercise and attention.

4. Take Your Dog for a Trial Run

If possible, take your dog to the kennel before leaving it there. See how they do in these new surroundings and feel what it will be like while you are gone. If your pet doesn’t seem happy at the facility after the first time, don’t worry: they might just need a few visits to get used to it.

5. Leave Contact Info With Your Pet’s Doctor

If there is an emergency and the kennel has trouble reaching you, they will call your vet for assistance. Make sure their number is on file at your dog’s doctor’s office so that you can be contacted during any medical distress or unusual circumstance.

Dogs are among the most popular pets in the United States, with over 38% of households having one. Although loved and cared for, they will need to be boarded at some point. Dog boarding can be a wonderful experience if you pick the right place and leave your pet’s needs up to the professionals that work there.

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