What to Pack When Taking Your Dog to Doggy Daycare

Everyone loves to take a vacation. One of the most distressing aspects of traveling is packing the things you need. That is the same for your pooch when planning for a holiday, and you need to take it to a dog boarding. But with a little planning, you can make the process easier and less stressful. Here are some of the items to pack for dog boarding.

1. Include Your Dog’s Medication and Supplements

All pet owners want their furry friends to be healthy and happy. Your dog may require supplements and medication for joint health or to boost its immunity. A professionally-run dog boarding service is always willing to administer the prescription for you.

Make a point of leaving written instructions that explain the dosage for your pup’s supplements or medication. Ensure that the quantity is enough to outlast your pet’s stay at doggy daycare.

2. Your Dog’s Medical and Vaccine Records

Most dog boarding facilities have policies that require pet owners to provide vaccination records. Your pet must be free from contagious diseases one month before boarding. So you should include vaccine and medical records that you will present to doggy daycare.

Keep in mind that a specialist may assess your dog to ascertain it is free from diseases. To avoid disappointments, you may want to contact your veterinarian to give you a clean bill of health. You can present the records to the staff at the dog boarding center.

3. You Can Carry Meals from Home

Your pup also needs to feed regularly to be happy. It is essential to maintain the same feeding habits your dog is accustomed to when taking it to dog daycare. Maintaining your regular feeding routine will keep it from feeling lonely and prevent stomach problems.

Before dog boarding, ensure you mark each package, indicating the quantity and feeding schedule. Label the containers to discern treats from regular meals. Avoid using staples for labels, as they can find their way into your pet’s food.

4. Your Pup’s Favorite Toys

Even though the dog boarding service will have toys, your pet will most likely enjoy the toys it plays with daily. When away from home, the heart can grow fonder. That’s why packing their favorite items can serve as a remainder, which averts loneliness.

Be sure to pack one or two of the items your pup loves. You may also include a personal item, such as a blanket or a shirt with your scent. It can serve as a reminder of home when dealing with loneliness.

5. Dog Collar and an Extra Leash

You will also need to carry a collar and an extra leash. It is unlikely that the collar will get lost when dog boarding. But it is always wise to have a spare in case of emergencies. You may also want to include a flat buck collar to prevent choking hazards.

Dog Boarding with the Best

It is advisable to take time to plan what you’ll pack for your furry friend before booking for dog daycare. Your pup doesn’t have to feel lonely or sad. Boarding service is usually the best option when taking a vacation. If you are looking for dog boarding services in Delaware Beaches, contact Eastern Shore Pet Resort. We are a luxury pet resort and doggie daycare and offer unmatched, quality service for you and your pet every day of the year.

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