10 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Dog Daycare

Dogs love company. If left unaccompanied for long periods without exercise, dogs can get stressed. Unfortunately, you cannot always keep your dog company. If you have an erratic schedule or you travel out of town often, you may not be able to tag along with your dog everywhere you go. Fortunately, there is a solution –- doggy daycare. At a reputable dog daycare, your pup will be well taken care of. But before you enroll your dog in a doggy daycare, you may have some concerns. Read on to learn important questions you should ask before enrolling your dog in a dog daycare.

1. What Kind of Experience Does Your Staff Have?

First, you should inquire about the staff’s experience handling dogs. Familiarity with basic care and safety protocols should be a prerequisite for all members of staff. Ideally, you will also want to enroll your dog in a doggy daycare where the staff members are knowledgeable on animal behavior, dog body language, and canine CPR.

2. What Is the Vaccination Protocol?

Dogs should be vaccinated to prevent the spread of diseases. Ideally, dogs should be vaccinated against parvovirus, rabies, distemper, canine hepatitis, and Bordetella. Inquire about the vaccination requirements to guarantee your dog’s safety.

3. What Is the Program Like?

Dogs do not like to be left unattended. They thrive on activity. At a good dog daycare, your pup will be kept occupied with lots of fun activities. Ask about the day-to-day routine at your local dog boarding before enrolling your dog.

4. How Do You Respond to Emergencies?

While nobody likes emergencies, they are inevitable. A good pet daycare should be prepared for emergencies when they strike. For instance, in the event your dog gets injured, staff members should be able to administer first aid.

5. What’s the Dog-to-Staff Ratio?

Taking care of several dogs is not easy. Staff should not get overwhelmed taking care of multiple dogs. Ideally, look out for a doggy daycare with a dog-to-staff ratio of 15:1 or better.

6. Can I Monitor My Dog?

While a well-staffed pet daycare may guarantee your pup is well taken care of, you may still want to monitor your pet. Ask if you will have access to a webcam that will allow you to check in on your pet any time.

7. How Are the Dogs Grouped?

Not all dogs get along with each other. To ensure the safety of your dog, professionals usually group dogs based on factors such as size, age, and even temperament. For example, big dogs are generally separated from small pups.

8. How Do You Deal With Indiscipline?

Sometimes dogs misbehave, and they need to be kept in line. The doggy daycare should not use stern measures to discipline your dog. Ideally, look out for a daycare where the staff uses positive reinforcement to instill discipline.

9. How Do You Prevent Escapes?

Losing your pet and having to put up missing posters to trace it can be heartbreaking. To prevent this, lookout for a local dog boarding with a high perimeter fence and a double gate system that prevents escapes.

10. Do You Have Any References?

Testimonials from past and current clients are a great way to assess the quality of the doggy daycare. A reputable dog boarding service will be more than glad to share testimonials of satisfied clients with you.

Ensure Your Pup Gets Quality Care

In the U.S., about 70% of apartment renters own pets. Hard-pressed for time, some of these pet owners leave their pets indoors unattended, depriving them of quality care. Do not deprive your pup of quality care and make it stressed. Keep your pup happy and energetic by bringing it down to Eastern Shore Pet Resort. We are a luxury pet resort that offers unparalleled pet care. Get in touch with us to book your reservation today.

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